MagicPlanter™ - Soil Free Planting

MagicPlanter™ - Soil Free Planting

MagicPlanter™ - Soil Free Planting

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A Simple Soil Free Indoor Gardening Solution!

Growing homegrown herbs are the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are used for sprigs, for tea or flavoring and garnishing food and help to boost your immune system to keep you healthy.

Leafy green houseplants are fantastic, but why not add a few flowering houseplants to your indoor gardening? Flowering houseplants add a layer of pleasure to your decor, add color, and maybe even a pleasant smell.

The hydroponic design of the MagicPlanter™ truly provides a healthy environment to grow herbs or any plant of your choice with low maintenance using only water and without the use of any soil or dirt.

The MagicPlanter™ is a vessel that acts as a water bank. The water is held in the vessel and slowly diffused through the material to the cells on the surface for the plant to drink.

The exterior surface holds water on the inside and diffuses it outwards for plants to take only what they need.

The MagicPlanter™ is made from 100% natural materials. The concept is to allow water to diffuse through the material to enable the plant to grow on the surface and allows the roots to grip the surface and become one with the planter. 

Simply fill it up with water and cover the exterior surface with seeds of your choice. The water will slowly diffuse through the cells to keep the plant hydrated.

The MagicPlanter™ has a visible timeline to show the process of plant growth on the surface. From seeds sprouting, to roots grasping and growing looking for water.


How To Use

✅ Clean thoroughly before using the first time
✅ Fill it up with water and let it soak for a few hours

Different Growing Options

✅ Cover the exterior with seeds of your choice
✅ Rub spores onto the surface
✅ Use rubber bands to mount the plant
✅ Wrap a climbing plant around

Key Benefits

✅ Perfect for indoor planting
✅ Made from 100% natural materials
✅ No soil needed
✅ No over watering or under watering
✅ It is hydroponic and requires no daily maintenance
✅ A convenient way to grow your favorite plant
✅ Can be reused with new plants anytime


Package Contents

✅ 1x MagicPlanter™
✅ 1x Lid
✅ 1x Base

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of herbs can I grow?
Herbs which are commonly used for sprouting such as mint, sinapis, chia, watercress, and others can sprout and grow on the Magicplanter.

Which plant types can it grow?
It is well suited for many different plant types. Many of the houseplants coming into a pot would grow well. The plants that grow in the forest, rainforest, near a water source or naturally are better off. Few examples are, dischidia, moss, begonias, hoyas, ferns, orchids, and more. Example given is a family composed of many species types.

How does the plant obtain its nutrients or fertilizer?
The required nutrients or fertilizer can be dissolved in water or directly sprayed onto the plant roots that are visible on the Magicplanter's exterior surface.

How frequently do I need water added?
It functions as a water bank for the plant, steadily releasing water from the inner cavity through the walls to the external surface of the plant roots. Best is to add water between 5-15 days but it also depends on the indoor humidity level.

What kind of substance is it?
It is made of ceramic. Ceramic is composed of various types of clays and minerals. This material is a naturally occurring inorganic substance that does not decompose.

What plans or seeds come with it?
It comes with no seeds or plants.

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