EarringLifters™ - Earrings Back Alternatives

EarringLifters™ - Earrings Back Alternatives

EarringLifters™ - Earrings Back Alternatives

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No More Droopy Earrings!

This EarringLifters™ made to save your earlobes from Stretching due to heavy, Dangling earrings and allows you to Wear any type of earrings you want.

EarringLifters™ are perfect alternatives and specially designed to be used in place of original backings to keep earrings Comfortable, secure, and Upright, from front to back.


How Does It Work 

Simply Slide the earings post onto the EarringLifters™ as formal earings back, make sure the heart is always facing Upwards, that definitely took some of your earings Weight off and feel like a charm.

Perfect for your Dangly earrings, and earrings that are too Heavy and draws down, or even for studs. You can tighten or loosen it up as per your comfort as these are adjustable.

These are matchless earrings back Alternatives. They are simple to use and helps to Fit your heavy or lightweight earrings and make you feel Comfortable, secure, and upright from front to back.



Perfect for earrings, that are Heavier than the normal standard style earrings.  

Replace your existing earring backs with EarringLifters™ and forever change the way your post earrings look.  


EarringLifters™ specially designed for Heavier sized earrings. With its Unique design, it adds Weight at the back of the earlobe in this way it can act as a counterbalance to heavier earrings at the front.

Select the EarringLifters™ that matches your Earrings, available in Three colors, Gold, Rose Gold & Silver.


Key Features

✅ Designed to be fit any size of the earring post
✅ Perfect for heavy earrings, bad piercings, and stretched earlobes
✅ Lifts Dangling Heavy Earrings
✅ Hypoallergenic & non-irritating
✅ Made of Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Plated



1. Question: Will EarringLifters works for my earrings?
Yeah, these can be used for any sort of earrings, these are perfect for earrings that too droopy, too tight, too loose or too heavy, or even for simple studs.

2. What if my earrings post does not fit EarringLifters?
Well, they fit on almost all sorts of earrings. Yet, it may possible, you can have a pair of Studs with a different post size. But then again, They are designed to adjust with any of your post sizes.

3. What if I don’t have any difficulty with my earrings?
A lot of people unable to see the apparent differences between EarringLifters and other casual lifters until they try it. they work amazingly by spreading the weight of your earrings on a large surface area and It certainly took some of the weight off. Moreover, it prevents your pierced ears from droopy over time.

4. Is EarringLifters adjustable?
Yeah, these are adjustable for almost all types of earrings, you can simply slide them over the post to tighten or loosen accordingly.

5. Can I use these if I have double pierced ears?
Well, it depends on the space between adjacent piercing as it varies. EarringLifters works best for the first lower-lobe piercing. 

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